In memory of the victims at Sandy Hook

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Blue Sky Mausoleum, Buffalo, New York
"When it rains it pours and opens doors
And floods the floors we thought would always keep us safe and dry.
And in the midst of sailing ships, we sink our lips into the ones we love
That have to say goodbye.

"And as I float along this ocean,
I can feel you like a notion
That won't seem to let me go.

"And every word I didn't say, caught up in some busy day
And every dance on the kitchen floor, we didn't have before
And every sunset that we'll miss, I'll wrap them all up in a kiss
And pick you up in all of this when I sail away.

"And as I float upon this ocean,
I can feel you like a notion
That I hope will never leave."

- from "When I Look to the Sky"


Claudia said...

Oh Beth, I feel like the tears will never stop.

Beth said...

Me too, Claudia.

Valerie Gamine said...

Lovely. ♥

Angie's Recipes said...

It's really sad. God bless all these families!

Rita said...

So difficult to understand this tragedy.

Joanne said...

This song is one of my favorites and it's perfect for this. I will never get over this tragedy, I don't think. Too heartbreaking.

Natalie Aguirre said...

So beautiful and true. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Beth, and thanks for tweeting the story from the Onion.

Vi said...

Really beautiful lyrics and very fitting. Such an unbelievable and sad tragedy.

Food Gal said...

My heart goes out to all of those families. What happened was just senseless and tragic, and sadder than anything imaginable.

Unknown said...

Beautiful tribute Beth, such a sad sad week.

Unknown said...

That was a beautiful tribute, Beth. The tragedy still brings tears to my eyes.

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