About My Books

Harley’s Gift synopsis

Eleven-year-old Harley, who lives with her mother in a working-class neighbourhood in Toronto, longs to reunite her feuding mother and grandmother.  In the process, she matures from a passive, self-doubting character to one who orchestrates a family reunion, and who prevents it from derailing after a Christmas Day accident.  Harley has a strong sense of justice and, by the end of the book, she also develops the courage to respond with integrity to the homeless people she encounters.

The Next Step synopsis

After her mother dies, eight-year-old Clara Cooper tries to get used to her new life: shopping for clothes with Daddy; her nanny Tess’s cooking; and more responsibility for her little brother Calvin.  Hardest of all, she doesn’t know how to tell her dad that she doesn’t like ballet class. But with the help of her good friends and a caring teacher, Clara learns how to grow up without leaving the memory of her mother behind.

The Witch of Bloor Street synopsis

Sixth-grader Maggie Ito believes she has been cursed by the Witch of Bloor Street.  While her friends all seem to be best at something – Sasha is best at art, Alice is the most musical, and even her nemesis Jarrett Johnson is the fastest runner – Maggie believes the curse is keeping her from being best at anything.  Her attempts to break it become increasingly far-fetched, but her luck is still bad.  By the end of the story, Maggie finds confidence in her own abilities and the strength to confront her “witch”.

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