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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Due to a work commitment, Andrew and I visited New York City for a couple of days last month.  We went to a Yankees game, watching A-Rod try for, but ultimately miss, his 600th home run.  And we scored half-price tickets to two Broadway shows! 

The matinee was In The Heights.  The concierge at our hotel recommended the show and it was wonderful.  The winner of the 2008 Tony Award for Best Musical, In The Heights was full of amazing dancing and infectious Latin music.

Leaving that show, we had to return to Times Square immediately to line up for evening tickets.  I was sure we wouldn’t find anything we enjoyed as much as In The Heights.  I was wrong.  A Little Night Music has been playing since last November, but was recently recast with Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch.  The music was wonderful and the performances outstanding.  And what a thrill to see two legendary actresses in those roles!

One of our favourite surprises came when we ducked into Rockefeller Centre as a respite from the heat.  We stopped in the NBC store and were thrilled to see The Office merchandise for sale.  We picked up two packs of chocolate Stanley Nickels, an “Andy Bernard” coffee mug from Kelly’s theme party, and a Schrute Beet Farm Christmas tree ornament.  (Those of you who watch The Office are probably wondering, “Do they also sell jello-covered staplers?”  And for those of you who don’t watch, I apologize for the digression.)

When we travel, it’s always fun meeting and talking to new people.  At lunch on the first day, we ate next to a Bruce Willis lookalike, who knew we weren’t from New York because “you’s are smilin’ too much”.  At the evening show, I sat next to an aspiring actress.  And on our last day, as we walked through Central Park, we met a woman who volunteers at the Butterfly Conservatory.  Holly introduced us to her dog, Macaroon, and told us some of the 66 languages in which she can say ‘butterfly’!


Unknown said...

Amazing how much people have to offer, even strangers.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

I loved seeing In the Heights in New York too. It's a wonderful show. And I would have been looking for a jello-covered stapler too!

Beth said...

Another fan of The Office! I love it!

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