Top Ten Reasons for an Author to Keep a Blog

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
A few people have asked me why a published author would write a blog.  Don't I get enough writing in my day job?  Doesn't it seem like I'm giving away what I might get paid for?

Well, there are many excellent reasons for an author to keep a blog, and many reasons why it's easier than writing a book.

Here I present the top ten:

10.  I never have to carry a cardboard box of my blogs to sell.

9. No annoying stack of royalty cheques to cash.

8. If I misspell a word on my blog, I can change it.

7. I don’t have to worry about things sagging in the middle (unless I’m blogging about a cake recipe).

6. I never have to think, “Another 10,000 words and I’ll be done.”

5. I can publish my first draft.

4. If I’m blogging about baking, there is always a happy ending.

3. My non-writer friends don't have to listen politely while I rant about how no one appreciates my latest post.

2. If I develop blogger’s block, I can fill in time by writing a book.

And the number one reason for an author to keep a blog:

1.  I can use as many adverbs as I like.


Valerie Gamine said...

All excellent points, Beth. Especially #4, and #8. :~)

Shandy said...

There is something to be said about cashing royalty checks ~ the world is filled with cute cooking and baking toys that we just "need", meaning "that is soooo cute, I just HAVE to have it. =)

Claudia said...

And once in a while publisher asks me about a play I've presented on the blog... and yes, those annoying royalty checks. Means a trip to the bank.

Sweet And Crumby said...

This cracked me up. I'll have to recommend your books to my daughter. I have a feeling she would love them.

Katerina said...

I guess the blog gives a certain freedom that you cannot have when you write a book.

Beth said...

Oh, Claudia, you can relate!
Thanks, Geni! I'd love to know if your daughter enjoys them!

Faith said...

I agree with everything you've said Beth. Authoring a blog gives me much more freedom than dealing with a publisher espicially that it's your rules and your style.

Lea Ann said...

Cute! Fortunately with a food blog, I never seem to run out of bloggers block here.

Barbara said...

So true, Beth! I'm laughing at #1. And yes, I wrote a cookbook for the family once and even with 5 of us editing, mistakes got through.

Jencrafted said...

This is really good - I like #9 :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this list!! Hilarious! I have wondered myself why it makes sense for me to spend time writing a blog, when I have so much writing to do for my work. But I think 4,5 and 6 really capture my reasons!

FOODESSA said...

Beth...I'm glad that you certainly have shone the light on the positives of blogging. Most of my non-Foodie friendes think I'm crazy to spend so much time on my culinary journey when my career should be taking on more wings. They just don't get it...but the most important persons in my life do ;o)
My Mom gets a real kick from it and Hubby loves to re-live the great moments at our table ;o))

Flavourful wishes,

Unknown said...

hehe, i'm not an author, but there's probably a good reason :) love those apple bundts in your last post, too!

Katrina said...

Nice! Great points.

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